Greatest Hits: Heat Wave

The weather can be hot, and so can comedy! Check out this sizzling compilation that's all about heat!

| Found by Jest on November 18, 2012
California In Winter

Much like the lion in winter, California is always well-dressed and finds two olives a bit gauche, no matter what those charlatans in The New Yorker say.

| Found by Jest on December 08, 2011
Call Tim Tebow

// – Denver, we're old friends. I'll be there March 31st. I don't know what the weather will be like, so you should call Tim Tebow.

| Found by Jest on December 05, 2011
1970's Weather Blooper

While taking a look at the cloud cover across the nation, the map reveals the news anchor who poses directly.

| Found by Jest on October 23, 2011
Me Glasses

The Ice Age was shaped like a pair of kickin' Ray-Bans, directly over North America. Nobody else cared.

| Found by Jest on October 21, 2011
Guy Narrowly Escapes Lightning Strike

Top Storm Videos playlist! // gathering storm clouds are certainly fascinating, this video will give you a reason to think twice about braving the elements next time.

All you …

| Found by Jest on July 19, 2011
Sudden hail in Redding, CA (5-31-2011)

We've recently been getting pounded by hard rain these last few weeks, occasionally including hail. This was probably the most hail I've seen living in Redding.

| Found by Jest on June 01, 2011
Insane Man Mows Grass During Hail Storm

Top Storm Videos playlist! // this guy's just nuts, or is protected by his amazing beard, one thing's for sure, NOTHING is stopping him from mowing his lawn.

All yo …

| Found by Jest on May 26, 2011
Weather Gone Wild

Five videos of people getting pwned by Mother Nature. Seriously, what's her problem?

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| Found by Jest on March 25, 2011
Three Scientists: Weather Machine

Professor Dhurkins, Professor Boggins and Professor Lurd make experiments in their laboratory. Professor Boggins changes the temperature with her weather machine. The forecast is a scorcher! See more …

| Found by Jest on March 03, 2011
The Weather - Awkward Spaceship

Assistant weatherman, Gary Drazkiewicz, takes you through this week's weather forecast. Starring Darren Stephens and Dave Urlakis. Filmed, edited, sound, graphics and color by Zoran Gvojic. Direc …

| Found by Jest on January 29, 2011
Dear Ryan - Basketball-Tubing Weather Lamp

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| Found by Jest on October 12, 2010
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