Breaking the 4th Wall (Supercut)
54 different films spanning seven decades, this eight minute supercut compiles all the times characters have acknowledged that, yes, they are in a movie. *WINK*
| Found by Chris on March 13, 2013
Goats Yelling Like Humans
Surprise! When goats yell, they sound _just like us_. It's creepy, and now well documented. Can you tell which goats in this supercut are real and which are fake? (Actually it's really easy.) CARL? IS THAT YOU?
| Found by Chris on February 14, 2013
Supercut: Celebrities on Law & Order

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Every aspiring actor shows up on …

| Found by Jest on October 10, 2012
"Gangnam Style" Supercut: Just the Pelvic Thrusts

One of the most memorable scenes of PSY's Gangnam Style music video is the "Elevator Guy" and his pelvic thrust.This video is a tribute to this now an instant classic scene and all the Internet p …

| Found by Chris on September 04, 2012
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