Allison Williams On Singing

Jimmy shares with Allison the first time he heard her sing, and she talks about preparing to sing a Kanye West song on "Girls."

| Found by Jest on March 11, 2013
I Do

Will and Emma's wedding is finally here, and it lands on the day of romance and love: Valentine's Day.

| Found by Jest on February 13, 2013
Stuffed Stockings

Holiday shopping can be a real pain, unless you come up with some entertaining tactics on how to survive the season! Featuring comics Dan Cummins, Mike Cody, and Jono Zalay.

| Found by Jest on December 16, 2012
Fred Armisen: Upstairs at the Square

Fred Armisen sings "Bottle of Sparkling Apple Juice" from the "Bjelland Brothers" sketch during a Q&A for the "Portlandia" book at Barnes & Noble.

| Found by Jest on November 17, 2012
Bruno Monologue

Bruno Mars faces his nerves head-on and open the shows with a musical number.

| Found by Jest on October 20, 2012
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