Community Thursdays Remix

DJ Steve Porter remixes the return of Community on Thursday nights to NBC, featuring the all star ensemble cast!

| Found by Jest on January 23, 2013
Hard of Hearing Vader
The Star Wars remix is a tried and true internet staple, so a new one's got to be good to be worth sharing. Here is one such example. "WHAT?"
| Found by Chris on January 05, 2013
Thursday Night Remix

Celebrate Community's return to Thursday night with this musical mashup!

| Found by Jest on December 25, 2012
Modern Family Horror Movie Trailer

Modern Family is the scariest movie you never saw. Fizbo the Clown terrorizes an innocent town in this mock horror movie trailer.

| Found by Hannah on October 25, 2012
MythBusters and Dubstep Go Hand in Hand

We set some of our favorite MythBusters scenes (yes, including explosions) to dubstep … because, well, we could. You're welcome. | For more Mythbusters vide

| Found by Hannah on October 18, 2012
The Debate Highlights Songified

It is time. It is time to listen to the presidential hopefuls sing their best, lifting their promises and pleas to soaring heights and rousing melodies. May the best voice win.

| Found by Chris on October 04, 2012
8-bit Gangnam Style!

What if Gangnam Style was an old school video game? It would probably look like this!

| Found by Chris on October 02, 2012
Bill Nye Gets In on Gangnam Style

Sorry about this guys, Annotation looping seems not to be working currently, thats Youtube for ya eh…

(Thank you all for over 200,000+ views, it just goes to show that people make amazing thing …

| Found by Chris on September 28, 2012
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