The only thing more fun than pulling a prank on your friend is recording it and hoping millions will share in on a collective, humiliating experience. Here they are!

Falling From Three Stories Prank
Prank channels are selling out! In this R.I.P.D sponsored prank by Magic of Rahat, a dummy falls three stories inside this mall, shocking these "strangers" into thinking they just witnessed a horrific … WOW U DUMMY
| Found by Chris on July 19, 2013
Dropping People's Phones
We've seen pranksters "demand money for their broken camera":, but what about dropping someone else's phone? Don't worry, he uses a plastic look-ali … SLIGHT OF HAND
| Found by Chris on July 13, 2013
Broken Camera Pranks
This is kind of like the classic New York City hustle of waiting for someone to bump into you, dropping your glasses, and asking for cash in return. Luckily, this is a prank and DJ is a nice guy. NO... YOU BROKE IT
| Found by Chris on July 07, 2013
Boxing Strangers
Ross of RossCreations throws down boxing gloves at a stranger's feet. He's got gloves on himself, and is ready for a fight. Halfway through, someone takes him up on the challenge. COME AT ME BRO
| Found by Chris on June 18, 2013
Sleeping On the Street
Maybe SEFD just wants to get killed. Try doing this in a different country -- Italy... Vietnam.. and being arrested will be the least of your worries. RIGHT OF WAY
| Found by Chris on June 13, 2013
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