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Thanks to Lazy Sunday, the Internet has reinvigorated the art of making funny music videos. When done well, it is often more satisfying than regular music and regular music videos.

Bob Mould: Star Machine

Watch the premiere of Bob Mould's new "Star Machine" video. Bob is appearing on LNJF February 28.

| Found by Jest on January 27, 2013
YOLO, So Live Cautiously
Digital shorts are back? Freshly departed Andy Samberg reunites with SNL host Adam Levine (following up their 2007 hit "Iran So Far") to put a grownup spin on what the kids are saying today. YOU OUGHTA LOOK OUT
| Found by Chris on January 27, 2013
The Debate Highlights Songified

It is time. It is time to listen to the presidential hopefuls sing their best, lifting their promises and pleas to soaring heights and rousing melodies. May the best voice win.

| Found by Chris on October 04, 2012
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