Don't worry, by the time these kids see that their parents exploited them for meaningless YouTube fame a new crop of doe-eyed 7 year olds will have taken their place. Post guilt-free, parents.

Mom's an Exotic Dancer

Comedian Brian Hicks muses about what it would be like to go to an elementary school career day if one if the kids' mom was a "bump-and-grinder".

| Found by Jest on March 20, 2013
Anthony Anderson On Bro Mitzvahs

Jimmy asks Anthony about his son's 13th birthday party, which his family is calling a Bro Mitzvah, and Anthony sends a message to his daughter's boyfriend.

| Found by Jest on February 20, 2013
Stuffed Stockings

Holiday shopping can be a real pain, unless you come up with some entertaining tactics on how to survive the season! Featuring comics Dan Cummins, Mike Cody, and Jono Zalay.

| Found by Jest on December 16, 2012
Annoying Kids

Al Ducharme does not appreciate it when you put your children on the phone.

| Found by Jest on December 01, 2012
Sketchy FroYo

Gabe Kea will go to great lengths for the perfect frozen yogurt.

| Found by Jest on December 01, 2012
Boy vs. Wild

Tom Simmons is skeptical about what his kid can learn from Man Vs. Wild.

| Found by Jest on November 18, 2012
Judge MacArthur

Kevin decides to run for judge and ends up at a charity event with Bills Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The guys take an intelligence test to decide who's the smartest. Andre refuses to believe h …

| Found by Jest on November 01, 2012
Ballot Box: On the Issues

Rooftop Comedy presents a political compilation all about the hilarity of the important issues facing our country, including immigration, gay marriage, and taxes.

| Found by Jest on October 30, 2012
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