If you had to put in order the reasons why football is by far the most popular American sport, they probably would be 1. gambling, 2. fantasy, 3. rooting for your team, and 4. watching insanely awesome highlights on tv and the internet. From hard hits and blinding speed to devious trick plays and miraculous comebacks, football videos run the gamut.

Thu, Mar 7, 2013

Tom Coughlin, head coach of the NY Giants, discusses his new book "Earn the Right to Win: How Success in Any Field Starts with Superior Preparation."

| Found by Jest on March 06, 2013
The Ben Show: Football Coach
This uncensored preview of Comedy Central's upcoming sketch series The Ben Show punches you in the face, immediately. It takes balls to pull this off, and, luckily for him, it succeeds. FOR THE KIDS
| Found by Chris on February 04, 2013
Weekend Update: Ray Lewis

Seth welcomes emotional Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis who is preparing to play the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.

| Found by Chris on January 27, 2013
"Two Parties": Mike Schur

Co-creator of Parks and Rec Mike Schur talks about their experience filming with the Indianapolis Colts!

| Found by Jest on January 16, 2013
Andy's Dream NFL Day

The guys of Parks and Rec throw the football around with the Indianapolis Colts!

| Found by Jest on January 15, 2013
Playing for Tim Tebow

Brendan Fitzgibbons wonders if Tim Tebow has the ability to seperate church and sport.

| Found by Jest on January 01, 2013
Next On: Anchor Baby/Bro-lo El Cordero

On "Anchor Baby," Ruxin worries Sofia is tired of their marriage, while the guys try to ditch an acquaintance. On "Bro-lo El Cordero," Andre takes advantage of Kevin post colonoscopy, while Pete suspe …

| Found by Jest on December 03, 2012
Next On: The Vapora Sport

Pete fights over a pair of shoes with a man in a wheelchair (JB Smoove). Taco teaches a dog to recognize the scent of sex. Jenny and Kevin get Ellie a piano. Written by Justin Hurwitz; directed by Jef …

| Found by Jest on November 22, 2012

Andre's plan to take the guys tailgating is thwarted when their high school nemesis Frank "The Body" Gibiatti and his gang have the same idea. Taco tries to sell knockoff merchandise and has a ru …

| Found by Jest on November 08, 2012
The Freeze Out

Pete has a big paintball outing planned, but the married guys have to go to a kid's birthday party. Ruxin has a run in with a white sushi chef (Timothy Olyphant).

| Found by Jest on October 18, 2012
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