The People vs. Winter
Nature laughs at us. But while we're mostly complaining about how cold and uncomfortable we are, some of us feel the brunt of the season. These people deserve a vacation before the rest of us. WORSE THAN THE FLU
| Found by Chris on January 25, 2013
Ultimate Win Compilation of 2012
The world is a big place! Even if .001% of those people are amazingly awesome at something, you'll end up with, at least, 20 minutes of YouTube glory at the end of the year. GLOBAL
| Found by Chris on January 03, 2013
Sleeping Dogs Compilation

You know the phrase "let sleeping dogs lie?" Well, I quite agree, but would also add — "and be sure to grab your camera."

| Found by Hannah on October 04, 2012
Most Awesome College Pranks Vol. 2

Fall is just around the corner, and school is back in session! Celebrate as you prepare with more of our Most Awesome College Pranks!Think you have what it takes? Send in your videos to get $ and be f …

| Found by Jest on August 29, 2012
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