A promo for a 1990's t-shirt company gets out of hand when one of the actors in the commercial cannot cut to the chase.

| Found by Jest on March 01, 2013
A Retirement Ad for The Pope
Almost seems too good to be true that on the same week Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, Christoph Waltz was hosting SNL. Well, what's next? Financially speaking. HEAVEN CAN WAIT
| Found by Chris on February 15, 2013
Sit up and Take Notice

Oscar's new fitness regimen distracts him from an important discovery: the documentary is almost ready.

| Found by Jest on February 13, 2013
Rosetta Stone

Whether it's sending a message to your babushka or preparing for a very shady trip to Thailand, Rosetta Stone can get you up to speed with the language of your choice.

| Found by Jest on January 27, 2013
Ballot Box: Political Propaganda

Rooftop Comedy presents a political compilation of hilarious clips all about liberals and conservative pushing their own crazy political agendas hard! Featuring comics Dan Crohn, Gabe Kea, and Sam Eva …

| Found by Jest on October 30, 2012
An Oreo Moment

A grandfather and his grandson share an Oreo moment together…

| Found by Hannah on September 26, 2012
Tres Equis I

The son of the most interesting man in the world doesn't have the same attributes as his father, but he does have a specific beer preference.

| Found by Jest on September 21, 2012
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