Goats Yelling Like Humans
Surprise! When goats yell, they sound _just like us_. It's creepy, and now well documented. Can you tell which goats in this supercut are real and which are fake? (Actually it's really easy.) CARL? IS THAT YOU?
| Found by Chris on February 14, 2013
Man Feeds Adorable Bear Cubs
In this Russian bear rehabilitation center, whose mothers have been killed by poachers, a man must feed and take care of a dozen bear cubs. Hear them growl and try not to flinch. ADORABLE FOR NOW
| Found by Chris on January 18, 2013
Ballot Box: Political Propaganda

Rooftop Comedy presents a political compilation of hilarious clips all about liberals and conservative pushing their own crazy political agendas hard! Featuring comics Dan Crohn, Gabe Kea, and Sam Eva …

| Found by Jest on October 30, 2012
Gangnam Style Mexican Horse

went to mexico and horse was dancing gangam style

Cuando fui a mexico vi a este caballo bailando ganam style.

| Found by Chris on October 24, 2012
Ruff Dog Day

Getting ready for the day doggy style.

| Found by Hannah on October 16, 2012
Sleeping Dogs Compilation

You know the phrase "let sleeping dogs lie?" Well, I quite agree, but would also add — "and be sure to grab your camera."

| Found by Hannah on October 04, 2012
Dogs and Balloon

Introducing Rani & Kajol!

Rani is our 6 year old boxador. She is black, white and caramel coloured weighing in at a good 90lbs. She's all bark and

| Found by Hannah on October 02, 2012
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