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Original sketches, remixes, pranks and more created by Jest's very own production team. Our staff of award-winning writers and performers make funny videos about what's topical now, and you can come right here for the latest and greatest sketches our site has to offer.

Jest Features

Jest Original Features put amazing Internet content into its most fun possible form. Check out our funny lists you'll want to send to all your friends, our supercuts that turn well-worn cliches into incredible fast-paced montages, and all kinds of other playlists, infographics and funny ways to look at what used to be just random information.

Hall of Fame

We've been gathering all of the Internet's best and funniest videos for a while now, and our all-time favorites go into our "Hall Of Fame" section. It's the classy, enjoyable Cooperstown of great online comedy you've always wanted.

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