The Rumble 2012 Summed Up in 6 Images

By Christopher Han on October 8, 2012

Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart alternated between earnest, impassioned debate and prodding personal jabs as they sparred on Saturday night. The pay-per-view stream – still viewable at – was so overloaded that it crashed, causing many to miss out. Off the heels of the first Presidential debate, it was refreshing to see the two news anchors candidly lay out not only the policies they think should be enacted, but their respective ideologies behind those views (although ironically, both men disavow connection to any political party). Their well-worn on-air personalities were amplified as well, but both ultimately came across as keenly self-aware, and both Stewart and O'Reilly seemed to, at the very least, acknowledge the power of each other's presence (and their respective fans in the audience — tilted for Stewart, but not by an overwhelming majority). Here are a few highlights from the night:


O'Reilly's Opening Statement (With Note Cards)

Bill O'Reilly came prepared. He brought several note cards to outline his main points in his opening statement.


Jon Stewart's Platform

Jon Stewart literally stood on a motorized platform, which was controlled by buttons on his podium, to compensate for the 11 inch height difference between him and O'Reilly (5'7" to 6'4"). He was not shy about using that button, in this instance elevating it so high that he could literally kneel above his opponent.


The Zinger that Everyone Seems to Be Bringing Up

The Rumble 2012 Summed Up in 7 Images - Image 1
The (serious parts of the) debate covered a range of topics, but Stewart particularly seemed to be getting fed up with O'Reilly's insinuation that Americans taking assistance from the Government are moochers.


Hitting Where It Hurts

Fox News zinger.


Clint Eastwood

When asked which person (non-politicians included) they'd pick as President, O'Reilly suggested Clint Eastwood, to which Jon Stewart proposed asking the man himself.


Papa Bear

Because they love each other (O'Reilly then shoved Stewart off his lap).

The Rumble 2012 can be viewed online for $4.95 at, but can probably be found on YouTube if you look hard enough

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