Twitter MVPs of the First Presidential Debate

By Alex Schmidt on October 3, 2012

In a short hour and a half of Presidential debating, the Internet came away with two great Twitter parody accounts and a slew of other hilarious Tweets. Here's the best of all of them:


Fired Big Bird

Mitt Romney warned PBS anchor Jim Lehrer that he'd be letting Big Bird go, and the parody account fighting for Big Bird's job climbed over 20,000 followers in a few short hours.


Silent Jim Lehrer

Then came this account about the man who almost certainly finished last in the debate: moderator Jim Lehrer, who let the candidates moderate themselves and got in a few mumbles about time limits neither Obama nor Romney had any interest in obeying.


The Best Of The Rest Of The Tweets

Alex Schmidt

Alex Schmidt

Alex Schmidt is an Assistant Editor for Jest, and regrets nothing. Nothing!