8 Funniest Tweets Calling for Roger Goodell's Resignation

By Christopher Han on September 25, 2012

Boy are people upset. The replacement NFL referees have become the story line in sports, and after another weekend of errant calls, capped by last night's last-second game-altering debacle, the call for commissioner Roger Goodell's resignation is now ringing louder than ever. Players have been speaking out in interviews and on Twitter, and even league-friendly mainstream outlets like ESPN have opened the gates in their criticism. Goodell has not been able to work out a deal with the referees and is now paying the price. Even more damning is his silence on the matter, which has led his Park Avenue office number to leak today (just search for it). The 2012-13 season, as well as the integrity of the country's most popular (and by far most lucrative) sport has quite unfathomably been put into question, so while these Tweets are pretty clever, they're probably more angry than funny.

Christopher Han

Christopher Han

Christopher Han is an Assistant Editor at Jest.com, the website you are reading right now OH MY GOD LOOK BEHIND YOU