TREND WATCH: Gangnam Style

By Christopher Han on September 5, 2012

It's true! Gangnam Style, the smash hit from Korean pop artist Psy is taking. over. The United States. Move over LMFAO, because Gangnam Style's got both the crazy video AND the contagious dance. Shufflin' so last year, and "Call Me Maybe" you left at summer camp. Something something Jeremy Lin too! Just kidding. Point is: Global Appeal! But why?

The song is super catchy and upbeat, but it's really just fodder for the video, which will leave you delighted and confused on the first viewing. Maybe you read about how subversive or satirical the message was, but it ain't English so it just seems like a fun time! And that's okay too. If you would like to go down that rabbit hole, THIS is a great article to read. In short, 1. it's fun to ridicule the rich and vapid, and 2. watching a not-traditionally-handsome guy totally own it while being self-deprecating is effing boss. But anyway, let's watch some videos.


The Original – 100 Million Views and Counting


In Concert

People like it off the internet as well.


Parody: Misheard in English


Dance Tutorial: The Iconic "Horsey" Dance Broken Down


Amazing Mashup

LMFAO, The Offspring, The Bloodhound Gang, Far East Movement — a random assortment that just works


The University of Oregon Cover


The Official Alternate Version (Girl's Point of View)


Supercut: Just the Pelvic Thrusts From All the Internet Covers


Metal Version


The PSYing (Mashup)

Consider yourself cultured.

Christopher Han

Christopher Han

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