Fandom Fan Art: "Breaking Bad" Mashups

By Charlie Nadler on July 4, 2012

Trying to decide how to prepare for the upcoming fifth season premiere of Breaking Bad? You have a few options: You can either a) take part in AMC's marathon of all previous seasons, b) convert the basement of your commercial laundry facility into a state-of-the-art meth super lab, or c) enjoy some great fan art mashups. For those who choose the last option, we've collected our favorites below.


Breaking Bad and the Muppets

It's funny just imagining what this show would be like if Jesse and Walt were played by Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. Funny until you imagine Bunsen Honeydew as a desperate, meth-producing cancer patient with questionable morals… then it's also a little depressing.


Breaking Bad and Beavis and Butt-head

This mashup is great if for no other reason than because it raises the concept of Butt-head as an overworked high school chemistry teacher. Also because Jesse kind of IS Beavis.


Breaking Bad and Family Matters

Fandom Fan Art: <em />Breaking Bad</em> Mashups – Image 3SOURCE: Uproxx
As the widely-accepted rule goes: add Urkel and hilarity ensues. Breaking Bad fan Jeremy Hyler proves this once again with this excellent Family Matters mashup. Extra points to Hyler for including the TGIF logo.


Breaking Bad and Calvin and Hobbes

What an unexpected and early 2000-ish twist it would be if Walt turned out to be nothing more than a figment of Jesse's imagination, a-la Hobbes to Calvin. Sure, that would render the whole series entirely nonsensical in exchange for a cheap overused plot device, but I bet it would get a lot of chatter on the twitters.


Breaking Bad and Indiana Jones

If there's one piece of Breaking Bad mashup art that actually inspires a movie, I really hope it's this one. Breaking Bad is already pretty intense; combine that with a little human sacrifice, child slavery, and voodoo doll black magic, and you have what I can only assume would be the best movie ever.


Breaking Bad and Twilight

Fandom Fan Art: <em />Breaking Bad</em> Mashups – Image 3SOURCE: Buzzfeed
Breaking Bad might be a favorite of the critics, but if it wants to capture that coveted tween demographic the writers might want to consider taking a cue from this mashup poster and adding a little more sexy vampire fantasy romance. Or at least some green fog – kids can't get enough of that stuff.


Breaking Bad and Batman

This mashup was designed by the talented Jeff Matsuda, and it imagines Walt and Jesse as two of history's other famous meth-dealing antiheros – Batman and Robin. Those guys were meth dealers, right?


Breaking Bad and The Simpsons

Fandom Fan Art: <em />Breaking Bad</em> Mashups – Image 7SOURCE: Tumblr
Ned Flanders is a perfect candidate for a Breaking Bad mashup. He looks vaguely Walter White-esque, and he was the proud owner of an RV, just like Walt. He also looks surprisingly natural holding a gun in his tighty whities.


Breaking Bad and The Simpsons (in video form)

Edited by Samuel Kim, this mashup shows us what a Breaking Bad teaser would look like if the cast was comprised of Simpsons characters. (SPOILER ALERT: it looks like a Breaking Bad teaser, if the cast was comprised of Simpsons characters.) Also, it's hilarious.


Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones

The clever people at (that's eight "e"s) took the season 5 Breaking Bad promo posters and created a mashup that will be sure to excite both Game of Thrones fans and bald-men-on-spiky-chairs-surrounded-by-stacks-of-money fetishists.


Breaking Bad and Mad Men

The production company Hey Look a Monster put together this cool Breaking Bad meets Mad Men opening credits sequence. You should probably take a screen shot at :20 as the character plummets past the enormous Bob Odenkirk face and make this your desktop background. (You're welcome.)


Breaking Bad and Parks and Recreation

The Tumblr Parks and Meth is devoted exclusively to Breaking BadParks and Recreation mashups, matching the images of one to quotes from the other. It's not quite The Wizard of Oz syncing up with Dark Side of the Moon, but there are some funny parallels there.


Breaking Bad and Sesame Street

Fandom Fan Art: <em />Breaking Bad</em> Mashups – Image 10SOURCE: Jon Defreest
Jon Defreest's Heisenbird is both a mashup and a pun! (Heisenberg, Heisenbird. Get it? They sound similar.) In any case, it's possibly one of the better Breaking BadSesame Street mashups in recent history, probably.


Breaking Bad and Super Mario Bros.

This is my personal favorite of the Breaking Bad mashups – partially because I've logged more than my share of Mario hours, but more so because of that masterful use of a Mario Koopa Troopa with Tortuga (Danny Trejo)'s bloody head on it. In a video game. For children.


Breaking Bad and Half-Life 2

Fandom Fan Art: Breaking Bad Mashups - Image 14SOURCE: The Oatmeal
Not only does The Oatmeal combine Breaking Bad and Half-Life 2 to comedic effect, it also teaches an important life lesson in the process: there's really no situation that doesn't call for the response "GATORADE ME, BITCH!"


Breaking Bad and Dexter's Laboratory

Fandom Fan Art: Breaking Bad Mashups - Image 14SOURCE: CollegeHumor
If there were ever two shows that deserved a mashup, it's Breaking Bad and Dexter's Laboratory. After all, Walter/Dexter is constantly saying the equivalent of "You are stuuuupid! You are stuuuuuupid!" to Jesse/Dee Dee every episode.


Breaking Bad and Hip-Hop

Hey, you know that Breaking Bad mashup you've been working on with Dave Porter, Drake, Lil Wayne, Nasty Ways, PANTyRAID and Santigold? Already been done!


Breaking Bad and more Muppets

Fandom Fan Art: <em />Breaking Bad</em> Mashups – Image 10SOURCE: Blogspot
Lastly – it's another Muppet mashup. This is great and all, but more importantly I've completed my lifelong dream of creating a numbered list that both starts and ends by talking about Dr. Bunsen Honeydew being a meth dealer. Count it!

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Charlie Nadler

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