18 Ridiculously Elaborate LEGO Towers



A high schooler's collection of famous skyscrapers

A high school kid in Illinois built impressively realistic LEGO replicas of the Eiffel Tower, the World Trade Center Complex, and Toronto's CN Tower. He was probably just doing it to get teenage girls to sleep with him.


Windmill Tower

18 Ridiculously Elaborate LEGO Towers - Image 10SOURCE: notla.com
A family constructed this impressive windmill LEGO tower, probably as an alternative to air conditioning.


Isengard from Lord Of The Rings

Fans constructed this replica of the Isengard fortress from Lord Of The Rings. I hope I spelled "Isengard" right; please don't kill me, Tolkien fans.


Trump Tower

This 10-foot model of Trump Tower cost less to build than Donald Trump's annual hairpiece budget.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa

18 Ridiculously Elaborate LEGO Towers - Image 13SOURCE: Blogspot
Just like how regular-sized tourists pose for cheesy pictures where they pretend to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I'll bet miniature tourists do the same with its LEGO equivalent.


Spooky Scottish tower

This tower was built for the Scottish Design Awards in 2009 as part of a competition to demonstrate "a new and creative way of viewing affordable housing." And they sure nailed it, because one way to make housing more affordable is to build all the units out of tiny toy bricks.


Saturn V model

18 Ridiculously Elaborate LEGO Towers - Image 13SOURCE: Flickr
This impressive 18-foot-tall replica of the Saturn V rocket was built by an Australian man. The sad thing is that, these days, NASA probably couldn't afford to build a LEGO statue like this.


The Chicago Skyline

It would be tragic if a fire struck this LEGO replica of Chicago's skyline, because reenacting the Great Chicago Fire with LEGO bricks would mean a waste of labor and a lot of toxic melting-plastic fumes.


Eiffel Tower

18 Ridiculously Elaborate LEGO Towers - Image 13SOURCE: Flickr
This 7-foot-tall Eiffel Tower model isn't as tall as the real one, but it's still taller than you are. Probably.


The Sphinx

This is a giant 8 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet replica of the Sphinx, and if you don't answer the LEGO Sphinx's riddle correctly, it crumbles apart like a Jenga tower.

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