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By Christopher Han and Alex Schmidt on June 26, 2012



Are you as thrilled about the semifinal games today and tomorrow as this German fan? (If you answered "yes", you're wrong.)


Mario Balotelli Can't Drink

Euro 2012s Best GIFs - Image 2
"Oh gross! Who's trying to hydrate me?"


Don't Fall Asleep On The Team

Euro 2012s Best GIFs - Image 2
His friend: "You need to behave in a way befitting your funky wig."


Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Upset

Euro 2012s Best GIFs - Image 4SOURCE: SBNation
Complaining? Him? Wow.


Italian Fan And Player Get Upset Exactly The Same

The ASL (American Sign Language) for "F**k That" just doesn't have the simple elegance of the equivalent ISL (Italian Sign Language).


Coach What's-His-Name

Euro 2012s Best GIFs - Image 6
That's England manager Roy Hodgson, as everybody else figured out a little too late.


Juggling The…Gum?

Euro 2012s Best GIFs - Image 6
Just goes to show that no matter how good you get at soccer, you should still use your hands for certain things.


Irish "OMG"

Euro 2012s Best GIFs - Image 6
Yes, ma'am, really: that gum touched both his feet before it went in his mouth.


Wait, Wait, Wait

"Time out, let me get back up. I said 'time out'. I said 'time out'! Hey!"


Joachim Löw: Manager, Former Footballer, Troll

Or maybe it's not a prank and they're really that strict about the no-hands rule.


Best Ball Friends

Euro 2012s Best GIFs - Image 9
If you put on a matching outfit like that with someone, aren't you common law married or something?


Kiss The Boo-Boo, Make It Better

Euro 2012s Best GIFs - Image 9
What's really weird? They do that every time either of them heads the ball.


Mario Balotelli Is Your Euro 2012 GIFs Champion

Euro 2012s Best GIFs - Image 9
Please, please, please let the Italians keep advancing. The man's a goldmine.

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