Infographic: Which Movie Archer Fired The Most Arrows?

By Ryan Rigley and Jessica Catcher and Doug Campbell and Alex Schmidt and Michael Palmer on June 25, 2012

Brave is only the latest recent movie with a whole bunch of archery, and we figured out where Merida ranks among the best archers in movie history, in terms of how many arrows she fired off before the credits rolled.

Infographic: Which Movie Archer Fired The Most Arrows - Image 1
Infographic: Which Movie Archer Fired The Most Arrows - Image 1
Ryan Rigley

RYAN RIGLEY is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, with a degree in Film/Video – Screenwriting. Based in the New York City area, he is currently a freelance writer for MTV News. Ryan does not always refer to himself in the third person.

Jessica Catcher

JESSICA CATCHER is currently an English major at the University of Arkansas. She likes to write funny things, which can sometimes be seen on her blog, when she isn't too busy watching TV.

Doug Campbell

DOUG CAMPBELL lives in Carrboro, North Carolina, where he does a little bit of everything. He grew up in Central New York and has written or worked for newspapers, magazines, Brokelyn, and The Awl. Find him on Twitter at @_dougcampbell.

Alex Schmidt

Alex Schmidt is an Assistant Editor for Jest, and regrets nothing. Nothing!

Michael Palmer

MICHAEL PALMER is a Graphic Designer and Photographer located near Philadelphia. He currently works at Penn State University where he designs graphics and other material for Arts & Architecture web courses.