10 Incredible Senior Pranks

By Jessica Catcher on May 3, 2012

Ah, the senior prank: your last chance for a real glory story to regale everyone you meet your freshman year of college with. But are you and your classmates struggling to come up with a prank worthy of talking about till the story gets annoying? Here's some inspiration for you.



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Those cups are in fact filled with water. This seems to be a real popular choice, and the addition of a classy red-cup-written grad year totally helps seal the deal.


Water, Water Everywhere

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If you want something a little less subtle than the above prank, well, here ya go. See, because it's like the boat is in a sea of water—but it's in the cups! And this is really great if your mascot happens to be a pirate or a mermaid or something.


Senior Freeze Day

This is a nice callback to the innocent days of freeze tag, and it's also a harmless, effortless way to disrupt classes all day long.


Hee-Haw Hallway

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Rural schools might find this to be a very convenient, smelly option. Throwing in some of your family's pigs or cows would be awesome, too, as long as you haven't gone Epic Meal Time on all your livestock yet.


Attack Of The Soap Fountain

You don't need to have done better than barely-passing-to-graduate in chemistry class to know that soap + water + big ass fountain = hilarious way to both execute a classic prank and finally clean up that gross fountain. You can even count it as volunteer hours on your college applications.