21 NFL Teams With Paper Bag-Headed Fans


The St. Louis Rams

Pity the bag-headed fan in an old version of the team's jersey. That's either a throwback replica that cost a lot of money, or a long-running fandom that cost a lot of time and energy.


The Washington Redskins

Apparently Redskins fans hate their own team so much that they wear paper bags on their heads for road games.


The New Orleans Saints

It's not like they used to call them the "Aints" because it's such a perfect use of grammar.


The Seattle Seahawks

And then after the game, those people walked home in the pouring Seattle rain. In brown paper hats.


The Houston Texans

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Nothing says "learned pessimism" like giving up on your team less than a quarter of the way into the season.


The Tennessee Titans

A specifically anti-coach bag, eh? Probably because the anti-team version would be "The Tennessee Titans: A Commitment To Leaving Houston".


The Minnesota Vikings

These fans may think their Vikings' play is the worst disaster ever, but at least they weren't inside the team's stadium when its snowy roof completely collapsed.

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Alex Schmidt

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