9 Terrifying Urban Art Installations


Benjamin Verdonck's giant nest

Collection 9 Terrifying Urban Art Installations - Image 4SOURCE: oddee.com
Hey, people living in Rotterdam in 2008: how was it feeling like some giant terror bird was building nests on your city's skyscrapers? Either way the car parked on the street beneath this nesting artist (see him in there?) must be a nightmare to keep clean.


Thom Sokoloski's fake Roosevelt Island tent camp

Collection 9 Terrifying Urban Art Installations - Image 4SOURCE: curbed.com
Specifically intended to make Roosevelt Island look like it did in the good old days (when it was full of lunatics and convicts and people infected with smallpox). Enjoy, present-day condo dwellers!


Vincent J.F. Huang's global warming animal-hanging

Nothing like a reminder for Londoners that our dying Earth is taking the cute animals with it. And this is also a message to Teddy Bears…specifically, "You're next."


Isaac Cordal's men in puddle

Good, now puddles cause two problems for the people of Berlin, Germany: getting disgusting street water on them AND forcing them to step on tiny drowning people and feel guilty about it.

Alison Leiby

Alison Leiby

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