10 Amazing Amateur Sci-Fi Simulators

By Maria Heinegg on April 6, 2012

These days everybody says they're "a nerd", but who actually proves it? The following ten sci-fi fans established their solid geek credentials by building these amazing simulations of vehicles, beds, creatures and more from their favorite shows and movies. So bow down in your Storm Trooper pajama-jams to these incredible nerd artisans who simulated the sci-fi worlds they love in real life.


Battlestar Galactica Viper Simulator

Collection 11 Amazing Amateur Sci-Fi Simulators - Image 2SOURCE: TheVerge
These five high school students are making a flight-simulating Battlestar Galactica Mark VII Viper model for the prestigious "2012 Maker Faire"://makerfaire.com/. They have mad design skills, a Kickstarter campaign to complete the project, and even got a few corporate sponsors lined up, even though they still have to make their beds and get to first period on time. 


Star Trek: Voyager Apartment

Are you a Trekkie? No, but are you really a Trekkie? Because Tony Alleyne is. He spent an unbelievable amount of time and money ($150,000) to make his whole apartment into a replica of the interior of the U.S.S. Voyager. Unfortunately his wife, who left him in 1994, just recently filed for divorce, and as it turns out she owns the apartment. She wants it back to sell it as a regular, non-spaceship one bedroom one bath, so Tony has to gut the whole simulation because his ex has a cold, logical, Vulcan heart.


Captain Pike's Brainwave Wheelchair from Star Trek

Collection 11 Amazing Amateur Sci-Fi Simulators - Image 3SOURCE: YouTube
Another true Trekkie built the wheelchair that Captain Pike, the first Enterprise captain, used in the original series after becoming paralyzed by radiation burns. On the show, this motorized wheelchair was operated by brain waves. This fan-made version was featured in the documentary Trekkies, which follows the kind of truly committed Star Trek fans who would build a fully working wheelchair modeled on a minor character's contraption from the series. Do you think that guy's naked in there? Probably depends on TOS canon.


Star Wars TIE Fighter Replica, sold on Craigslist

Collection 11 Amazing Amateur Sci-Fi Simulators - Image 2SOURCE: Craigslist
This replica Imperial fighter is one third of the size of the "actual one" from the Star Wars universe. It's made out of plywood and equipped with laser cannons that shoot party poppers, because why not? This nice TIE was available on Craigslist for $150 OBO until it was sold March 21st, and we're guessing the shipping cost cut deeper into the buyer's pockets than the item price itself.


The Wampug

Has your dog been begging you to custom make her a Star Wars Halloween costume of the Wampa that attacks Luke on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back? What. A. Coincidence. Because so has Chubbs, this lady's pug. Every year she makes her little buddy a homemade custom costume, and last year Chubbs struck fear (?) into the hearts of the neighborhood and the Internet with the Star Wars pet homage of a lifetime. Chubbs, you're a star.