15 Funniest Mad Men Fan Art Masterpieces


MF Doom Draper

SOURCE: dribble.com
This seems like a crazy connection to draw, because what would Don Draper have to rap about? Well…other than money problems. And his hos. And how his baby mama is most likely pregnant with his child. Perhaps his love of fine liquor. His double life and the tragedy that pushed him to adopt a whole 'nother identity. Never mind, Don is the MF Doom of the ad game. Except he's successful like Kanye…wait, Pete is annoying like Kanye. So Don is Jay-Z, without a Beyonce.


X-Mad Men

SOURCE: DeviantArt
Alright, so they arenʼt the characters on Mad Men we know and love. But they are the characters from X-Men we know and love, classinʼ it up 1960s-style. I would love to see how the boys at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce treat Rogue, because they would quickly regret being handsy. Mutants would bring an entirely different edge to the agency. Thatʼs a movie Iʼd see.


Mr. Mad Men

Again, we really don't need to be involving kids in this story. Hell, Don Draper's kids shouldn't even be involved in this story. It's depressing, torrid, sexy, dysfunctional…but look at how colorful these fan-made cartoon versions of the characters are. Give the show a chance to jump a few decades ahead, and maybe these little Mr. Men versions could replace the actual characters. They seem even more delightful.


Sterling Cooper Draper Peeps

SOURCE: nwsource.com
This is quite the Peep show. Seattle resident Jeana Harrington got creative with the sticky chickies (and bunnies) and designed a tableau of Season 3's most jarring scene. The drama! The bloodshed! The sweet marshmallow goodness! Itʼs adorable, until you start to imagine Peeps getting drunk and sleeping with each other. Then itʼs just gross. Still sticky, and still gross.


The Playboy Covers

Finally, the sultry ladies of Mad Men are featured on tasteful, vintage Playboy covers. The sexier ones are at this link, but let's all take a moment to imagine Ida Blankenship's centerfold spread…you're welcome. Maybe that's one issue that actually would be read "for the articles."

Emily Schmidt

Emily Schmidt

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