15 Funniest Mad Men Fan Art Masterpieces


Crochet Amigurumi Mad Men

SOURCE: DeviantArt
Called "Amigurumi" in Japanese and "crocheted or knitted stuffed toy" in English, these little guys would make the perfect gift for the aspiring adulterer in your life. My only concern is they look a bit too happy considering what's transpired over the past few seasons. And I admire the creator for the extra time and yarn it must have taken to create a proper Joan bust. Collect them all!


Darth Vader as Don Draper

|align:centerSOURCE: YouTubeIf we had seen another side to the Star Wars story, I'm sure Darth Vader felt the same internal daily struggles as Don Draper. He's got to deal with work stress, his home life, how to be a good yet mostly absent father…he had to feel like he was freefalling from a skyscraper every once in awhile. Plus Vader kind of sort of redeems himself, and can we decide if Don is evil or good? Nope.


Watchmen as Mad Men

SOURCE: Blogspot
If Mad Men is the 1960s as they never were, then Watchmen is just the 1980s as they never were. And who knows – perhaps the folks at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce are, in some way, masked vigilantes just trying to make a difference…through advertising. But judging from the poster for the season premiere, it looks like Don is the one who needs saving, even if only emotionally.


Mad Men in Season 11

SOURCE: Vulture
Dan Meth turned Mad Men's insane attention to period detail against itself by imagining the show going on a little too long. It's the same drink in Don's hand and cigarette in Don's mouth, but bigger pants and a sadder ego. If this whole marriage proposal with Megan doesn╩╝t work out, I can definitely see Don exiting the building Elvis-style.


Mad Men in the 24th Century

Considering the space program was just getting going during Mad Men's actual time period, it's weird to imagine them as the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but this looks creepily accurate anyway. If the boys just traded business suits for Federation uniforms, we'd notice how many of the show's emotional issues and client problems are the perfect situation for a group facepalm. Plus Joan could rock that uniform, and Harry Crane switches to the other coolest eyewear ever. Oh and click through for the Firefly-classic Star Trek mashup from this same artist that will satisfy the rest of your nerdy desires.