15 Funniest Mad Men Fan Art Masterpieces

By Emily Schmidt on March 22, 2012

When Mad Men premiered in 2007, America saw the show's toleration of sexism and constant day-drinking, and got hooked faster than you can light a Lucky Strike. Fans have waited a year and a half for the Season 5 premiere on Sunday, and made some incredible fan art in the meantime. So loosen your tie, pour yourself a tumbler of scotch, and enjoy the funniest Mad Men fan art our secretaries could find.


Mad Men Subway Ads Get Remixed

SOURCE: Gothamist
Minimalist ads for the Season 5 premiere cropped up all over Manhattan, from tall buildings that gave them a 9/11-y vibe to subway ads with tons of white space. The subway posters quickly became fill-in-the-picture coloring books, and fans came up with a lot more than just Superman to take up the space. Of course this Superman tag is inspired: it's period-appropriate, it's immediately recognizable, and why not make Lois Lane the newest SCDP secretary?


Don and Lane's Man Date

SOURCE: DeviantArt
Aw, theyʼre friends! In the third episode of Season 4, Don takes Lane Pryce out for a night on the town. Sure, the show is mainly about advertising and relationships and sex and scandals, but itʼs also a little bit about bromance. And in Mad Men's case, bromantic evenings usually involve hookers.


Pete Campbell Has No Heart

SOURCE: fanpop.com
Definitely not man date material, Pete feels no real feelings. Some would call him a sociopath, others might simply call him a robot, and the latter is much easier to convey in this funny art. Whether heʼs blackmailing people in the office, power-tripping his wife, or simply existing, itʼs clear that for Pete Campbell, human emotions do not compute.


The Mad Men D&D Alignment Chart

"You are sitting in an office at a Madison Avenue advertising agency in the early evening. Peggy can't think of a pitch for Samsonite luggage. Do you: have a cigarette, have a drink, answer the urgent message from California, go see the Ali-Liston bout at a bar, or make Peggy stay all night and help you come up with something?" (Answer: you do all of those things.)


Sterling Cooper Fisher Price

When I think about my typical fate as a child, I'm sure my best friends would've fought over Betty and Joan and I would've been stuck with Peggy. Watch as your son or daughter explores the many torrid affairs of Mad Men with these limbless versions of the characters! Batteries and cigarettes not included.