14 Amazing Community Fan Art Mashups

By Emily Schmidt on March 14, 2012

NBC put Community on midseason hiatus last winter, so Greendale diehards launched save-the-show efforts like ridiculously great fan art, hilariously heartfelt video pleas, and even an organized protest outside Rockefeller Center. Those passionate fans won out and Community returns to NBC tonight (and airs in repeats on Comedy Central soon!), so let's look at the best fan art mashups by the show's most talented and obsessed fans.


Community & World War II propaganda

SOURCE: Vulture
Plenty of Community fan art from the #sixseasonsandamovie campaign got straight to the point, like these 1940s propaganda posters slash stealth suggestions for the Season 4 Halloween episode. Uncle Sam Jeff Winger sums up the modern American male too perfectly for it not to happen this October on our screens.


Community & The Avengers

SOURCE: Blogspot
I bet Chevy Chase never imagined he'd be drawn as the Hulk. Cartoonist Chris Schweizer did, so here's an amazing cartoon of the cast as Marvel's mighty superhero team. Of course even when Pierce is "hulked up", we still can't get away from his man-boobs. It's endearing.


Community & Peanuts

SOURCE: Twitter
Maybe the most perfect mashup of them all: another famous set of classmates, adorable art, and they even referenced the Dean's weird dalmatian fixation. It's not the greatest TV Peanuts reference of all time but it's close.


Community & Star Wars

SOURCE: Facebook
Community fanatic and graphic illustrator Jon Defreest celebrated the show's official return date with a mashup of exactly the right (if not greatest) original Star Wars movie's poster with the show. Besides being generally realistic and kickass, who couldn't love a smug Pierce Death Vader?


Community & Raiders Of The Lost Ark

SOURCE: Typepad
Another sweet George Lucas-related mashup of a great show, and nothing says "community college" like machetes and khaki explorer pants. Also it makes a lot of sense that this one features Annie's Boobs.


Community & Batman

SOURCE: DeviantArt

Community & Batman villains

SOURCE: DeviantArt

Community & Gotham City PD

SOURCE: DeviantArt
When we last saw the show, the gang was stuck in the "darkest, most terrible timeline," as explained by Evil Abed in the Remedial Chaos Theory episode. Artist Kinjamin put the show's possible fates into a Batman villains mashup AND a Batman Family mashup, and then went ahead and made all your favorite supporting characters into Gotham City's police force...