10 Times Ryan Gosling Looked Imperfect

By Maria Heinegg on March 7, 2012

Ryan Gosling is so stunning that we sent a copy writer on a wild goose chase of her own choosing for unattractive photos of one of the most attractive men alive today. He put up an incredible fight but here's the top ten instances of Ryan Gosling looking not-so-great. Forgive us, oh talented dreamboat/captain of our Hollywood hearts.


That time he had weird cheeks

SOURCE: Crushable
Ewww. Looks like lots of sandwiches. Not an optimal situation but even Adonis is mortal it seems. (Thank god.)


That time he got stuck in a pool

SOURCE: Flickr
Ryan, are you trapped in anĀ above-groundĀ pool? Tell us where you are, we'll come save you! (Although we're all out of shirts, so…)


That gross facial expression he made on Fallon

Is he sneezing or something? Ryan, you're not a full|source_name:|source_url: deity? Big win for mankind and womankind alike!


That whole teenybopper phase of his life

SOURCE: Buzzfeed
Ooooowww, boy. That's a "wish I had a take-back" haircut if we've ever seen one. (Because our non-famous teen years were SO much better, we know)


That time he played a pouty kid

Snack and a nap, R-Gos? And your locks look less "cut" and more "attacked". We've been there. Learn to say no to a few projects and yes to a better trim because regardless we'll still come to your movies (and appearances and coffee breaks and shopping trips and stand outside your residence to watch you take the garbage out although usually your housekeeper Cristina does that.)