9 Bad Interviews With Former GOP Presidential Candidates

By Alex Schmidt on March 5, 2012


Rick Perry

|align:centerSOURCE: rickperry.orgSuper Tuesday is upon us, with the last four candidates battling it out for the chance to suffer through a general election. Today let's take a look back at the candidates who are already out of the race, and the interviews that show us why. Former Republican frontrunner Rick Perry is by far the most YouTube-famous of the candidates, with an offensive campaign ad that was angrily parodied to death and a debate gaffe that got nailed immediately. Roughest of all might be this interview where Perry forgot a Supreme Court Justice's name, and later forgot how many Justices there are total on the Court he wants to dismantle.


Herman Cain

|align:centerSOURCE: cainconnections.comAnother former frontrunner, Herman Cain does "better?" with campaign ads than interviews, putting out a smoking campaign manager/creepy smile-based spot that's weirder than anything Tim Heidecker could come up with, and making even stranger ads after his candidacy ended. But the pizza mogul's interviews? When asked about Libya, his five-minute-long non-answer boils down to "I need to find out what Libya is."


Michele Bachmann

|align:centerSOURCE: bachmann.house.govAlso a former frontrunner, Michele Bachman was born and raised and a sixth-place caucus finisher in Iowa. When it came to interviews she always had something to say, and when it comes to YouTube there's somebody out there who made a hilarious montage of a slew of bad interviews she gave. Luckily for Bachmann, at least if she runs in 2016 these clips won't still be around to…oh, never mind, just remembered how the Internet works.


Tim Pawlenty

|align:centerSOURCE: TwitterA potential Republican frontrunner early on, Tim Pawlenty only failed to be exciting because he's incredibly unexciting. Like right here, where T-Paw connects with the young people. iPads! Lady Gaga! Talking to girls! Is there nothing awesome he can't make boring?


Jon Huntsman

|align:centerSOURCE: jon2012.comA Mandarin Chinese speaker and a viable GOP option until a few months ago, Jon Huntsman will always be remembered for…the speaking-Chinese thing. So he tried this piano-playing session on Letterman as a way to liven himself up. The conversation I imagine led to this stilted mess: "Governor Huntsman needs a Bill-Clinton-on-Arsenio moment, what can he play? What? Piano's the best we've got? [defeated stare into middle distance]"